Sudsy Slut

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Tylo Duran was home alone and wanted to take a nice long bubble bath. She filled the tub up, threw in some bubbles, and got naked for a little alone time. Once she started feeling up her massive MILF tits, she got in the mood to rub one out, since she was home alone anyway. As she started fingering herself and making water splash, her boyfriend’s son walked by and saw her because the door was open. Brick could not believe his eyes and took out his phone to film her. Sure enough, he made a noise and she caught him right away. He started begging and pleading with her not to tell as she yelled at him. This naughty bird thought he should get naked so she could see him too. He nervously did so, as her eyes widened once she laid eyes on his hard on. She then took over and started sucking him off! You have to see how this hot MILF gets fucked all around the bathroom wanting more and more. Luckily, he blew his load all over her before his dad got home!

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My Wifes Sister

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Keiran Lee’s wife’s sister, Tylo Duran, has just been through a divorce. She and Keiran never got along and Mr. Lee isn’t too pleased to know that she’s going to be staying under his roof. To his surprise, Tylo really wants to get closer to him, and his big cock! Tylo tries seducing Keiran every chance she can get since she hasn’t been fucked since her divorce!

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License To Fuck

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The MILF Hunter took a driving lesson, and his instructor was Tylo Duran. He was having a problem paying attention to the road because her huge tits were distracting him. He kept on staring at her enormous jugs, and she yelled at him and finally told him to pull over. She decided the distraction was too much for him, and she had him focus on just one thing in particular… She took off her top and pulled his cock out. She gave him a footjob and then sucked his cock. He pounded her pussy all over the car. She ultimately got that fresh jizz all over her.

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Spring Cleaning

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Tylo Duran was doing some spring cleaning around her house, and after organizing the linen closet, she went to tackle her stepdaughter’s room. While picking up the mess that Mila Marx, her stepdaughter, had all over her room, Tylo found a pair of sexy underwear. She couldn’t believe that her stepdaughter was a freak posing as an innocent teenager. Tylo was turned on by the thought of Mila wearing the underwear, so she started to smell them and then slid her hand down to her wet pussy. While she was masturbating in Mila’s room, she was interrupted by a loud noise, it was Mila entering the house. Tylo hid in the closet and continued to masturbate while Milo spoke to her girlfriend on the phone. Mila overheard Tylo and was shocked to see her in the closet with her tits out. After talking it over, they confessed their attraction to each other, and soon after, an all pussy licking session ensued!

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Getting wet with Tylo

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Here a few things you might like to know about busty MILF Tylo Duran She’s been a private personal trainer. She likes soccer and football and is a fan of the New England Patriots. She was born in Maryland and lives in Virginia. She used to be a feature dancer. She said feature dancer. We say stripper. It sounds dirtier!

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Tylo's first video fuck

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Having fucked on-camera for the first time in the photo set, hot MILF Tylo Duran returns to fuck on-video for the first time. What did Tylo think about her first fuck? I loved it! she said. I’ll never forget my first. Tylo is a hot blonde, and she was pointed in our direction by another hot blonde, Raquel Sultra. Thanks, Raquel! She felt I would be good, so I submitted pictures, Tylo said. Tylo was good, very good. The big load that Tony shoots all over her pretty face is proof of that!

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Welcome to Tylo Duran’s blog

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Welcome to this free blog devoted to delightful Tylo Duran!

This is not the Official Tylo Duran website, you could say this is a Fan Site. I update this blog as often as I can with new free Tylo Duran pictures, videos and tubes. Whenever I have news about Tylo Duran, you will read it here! Don’t hesitate to add nice comments about our favorite adult star 😉 Thank you!

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